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Thread: Wooden Dowels from Walmart?

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    Wooden Dowels from Walmart?

    I was wondering if anyone has used these. I wanted to get some for my older cockatiel and cover them in bandage wrap or fleece for something soft for her. Has anyone done this? I cannot order off the internet so that's not an option. Thank you!

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    Re: Wooden Dowels from Walmart?

    As long as they are raw wood with no stain or clear coat on them they will be fine especially with the vet wrap. If at all possible it is better to use natural branches from bird safe trees because the dowels do not exercise there feet as much as natural branches which are not the perfect circle shape. Here is a site that lists birds safe trees and bushes you can use, https://www.beautyofbirds.com/safewoods.html . We have lots of Manzanita where I live and I cut them and make lots of perches out of them. They tend to be slick wood so I rough up the bark with a steak knife so the birds feet do not slip on them.
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