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Thread: Concerned about my new budgie

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    Concerned about my new budgie

    So I got my budgie Oliver on Friday, since I got him he has been trembling and breathing heavy, but he is not puffed up and he chirps like crazy at times, However he isn't eating and I am really worried about. This morning I changed his perch and he got out of the cage and started flying around my room I was able to gently get him back on my finger after re positioning his perch, I thought might not understand what I'm putting in his cage. that's why i moved the perch closer to his food bowl. Last night he also had a lot of poop stuck to his feathers and managed to push it off with his foot, kinda gross LOL, but that's birds I guess. He just jumped off his bottom purch onto another upper perch and thne onto his log swing bridge, maybe he is ok. But I just wanted some advice

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    Re: Concerned about my new budgie

    I think he just needs to settle in. Try to just give him a stable calm environment until he calms down. His life as he knew it just turned upside down. ☺️

    There are more knowledgeable people who will comment Iím sure. I havenít had my two for maybe a month.

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    Re: Concerned about my new budgie

    Yes, it is early on as yet. The poop often gets stuck on new ones because for a few days they do not each much. I think he is on the way for a more regular poop now that he is beginning to eat regularly. It is a positive he stepped up on your finger.

    Play some soft music for him on a radio or CD. And sit by his cage and talk to him while you are eating a snack. That will encourage him to eat too! Time and patience are on your side.

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