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Thread: Sorry to see him go...

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    Sorry to see him go...

    Guy's this may be my last post here, Due to the fact I am moving and am unable to take my little winged friend I must re-home him. I have made contact with my local canary club yet none have answered back so I contacted a group we have in my home town called Pet FBI they deal with lost pets and one of them knows someone that may take him in for me. I would rather have him settled in a new home before May as I will also need time to get over not having his song every morning.

    I love Cinnamon with all my heart and must do what is best for the little guys, The only thing I worried about is if i'm I am unable to find him a new home I don't know what I will do and may have to just have him put to sleep as there is no way I can leave him without a home.

    I will keep you all updated I never thought I would feel this upset about losing my little guy but he will always be in my heart and my thoughts.
    RIP Twitter may your song fill the heavens forever

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    Re: Sorry to see him go...

    Hopefully you have found a place for him. I think this site is for bird lovers, not just bird owners - so thereís no reason you canít still keep in touch!! Maybe keeping us will ease the sadness of losing him! I wish you could fly him to Canada - Iíve been known to open my doors to a homeless canary before. ❤️

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