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Thread: Olivers actin weird

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    Olivers actin weird

    So I got Oliver back on friday he's a green male budgie. I let him out of his cage cause imo my room is his room and he is allowed to fly in here. I talk to him all the time , I hand train with him, Ive gotten him to eat some millet out of my hand and I keep his food and water fresh. And today Im just sititng at my computer minding my business and he starts going psycho and flys around the room multiple times. DUnno whathis dang problem is LOL,

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    Re: Olivers actin weird

    I bird sat for some budgies here at my house a few years ago and they did this same thing in there cage. They were very easy to scare and had cage frights lots here because they were not use to our house and even us. They would be sleeping and if I made a small noise they would be flying and even bashing into the sides of there big cage. They even did it one of us got up from sitting on the couch. Within 4 days they were calming down and did it less and less until the owner picked them up a week later.
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