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Thread: New Tiel mom

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    New Tiel mom

    Hello all I am a new Tiel mom, I have had my handsome guy FInnigan for 3 months now and I believe he is almost 6 months old. He is an absolute joy to have. He is so much company, he just started wolf whistling and is now trying to say "I love you" but it still kind of sounds like you are listening to someone talk underwater lol. But I'm sure his enunciation will get better with time and practice. I also have two budgies a female Nika and a male Oliver. Pretty soon I'll have a whole flock living in my house lol, J/k I think three birds are enough for this family. If I can figure out how to post pictures I will post some of my flock! I look forward to learning all I can from everyone here!


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    Re: New Tiel mom

    Hi, Ash and welcome to the community! Congrats on bringing home Finnegan. You need to get a tiny pic account on line, upload your pics to that site and then copy the URL, come to a post spot like this one, and on the top, click on the third icon..from the right....pictures, and paste your URL and your pics should show up here. Also, you can upload them to your gallery on your profile page. We love to see pics. We will welcome your updates anytime.

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