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Thread: My conure is chewing everything

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    Exclamation My conure is chewing everything

    I got my new Maroon Bellied Conure 4 days ago and everything is going well, he takes seeds from my hand and climbs up onto me, sits on my shoulder and my head. He doesn't show any aggression and is a lovely bird. He's only a few months old too.

    The only bad thing is, he chews everything. Including my fingers! I dont think its out of aggression he just randomly chews on my fingers, chewing for as long as he wants so it hurts. I handle him wearing a hoodie and pull the sleeve over my hand so i don't feel the chewing and everything is normal. But i wish i could handle him with my bare hands

    Is this a baby thing, testing his beak? Can I train him out of this? Please help

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    Re: My conure is chewing everything

    I would say to try to get him not to chew your fingers. If you do not do it now when he is young he is going to do it forever. He might not even know that it is a bad thing to do so it is up to you to teach him right from wrong. You can hold a little hand toy for him to chew on instead of your fingers. When he does bite you fingers pull it away and say no in a firm voice so he will learn now not to do it. Be consistent with saying no and hopefully he will learn not to do it. Let him perch on your finger and not you short sleeve too because he needs to learn not to do it. All birds will beak feel things but biting is not good at all.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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