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Thread: Weird lump on canary

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    Weird lump on canary

    My canary has been having symptoms which I thought were air sac mites, coughing, labored breathing, and tail bobbing so I treated with Scatt 21 days apart. It's been 2 months since the first treatment and she isn't getting better which led me to believe it isn't air sac mites. I was looking at the skin in between her wings and I noticed a soft lump on her neck, it looks transparent so possibly fluid or air is in there. Is it supposed to be there? She is 5 years old and I had her since she hatched so I am very attached to her.

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    Re: Weird lump on canary

    Amanda, Not enough to go by from the one picture and your description. The two combined leads me to one thing, but I must preface it is only an educated guess. To confirm, take the bird in hand and look at its neck, or follow the lump around and see if it is larger or continues under around the neck area. Since it is clear, it usually means an airsac or part of the crop. It could be a feather cyst but they are not usually clear. What I am about to say sounds terrifying but I assure you it is not, "IF" it is what I believe. No always but every now and then a bird has a reaction to greens, specifically peas, but it can occur from others as well. Now imagine you yourself just ate some broccoli and onions, what happens about 30min to an hour later, as humans we get gas. Our body is breaking it down and gas is created from the process. Well we get rid of the gas, you know how, but birds cannot do that. The gas builds up and has to go somewhere. Since a bird also has a crop which we don't and airsacs we don't, the gas can go there. I have seen this in many a baby bird, but never an adult, so I am leery that, that is what it is, but it sure looks familiar. If it is only in that one spot and not around the birds neck I would be back to a parasite or cyst of some form, or even a cancerous node or benign fatty cyst. If it is the gas build up, the procedure is simple and won't hurt the bird or harm it in any way. It will just be very disconcerting to you. Take a sewing needle and sterilize it well with alcohol. Then take a lighter or match and heat it up, again to sterilize and make sure its clean to use. Now take the bird in hand and poke the bubble gently but in far enough to see if it deflates. Use you finger to press out the air. If it is a lump caused by a foreign object, splinter or such which has festered and holds an infection, you can now drain it. If it is air you can dispel the air. Poke it again and make sure all is gone the best you can, flush it with warm water, and dab with alcohol. The wound will close quickly and just watch to see if you have to do it again.
    OK, if none of the above is something you can do, VET for sure. Sorry this one is hard to say without more info.

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