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Thread: My baby cockatiel passed away

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    My baby cockatiel passed away

    Hi guys... I was hoping to get some insight. I received a beautiful baby tiel just last Friday from a breeder I saw as reputable and knowledgable. He was a miracle baby, in my eyes. The breeder initially thought he was dead, but realized he wasnít and nursed him back. This is what makes everything so much worse. The room I was renting is a bit chillier than what I am used to. The breeder strongly suggested a heat lamp. Prior to his arrival and a few days after, it took some time to find a specific one. I left the room heater at a good temp and covered a good portion of the cage with nice towels/blankets. He was my very first bird. I was so worried all the time. After I got the heat lamp I felt a little more relaxed, but I kept noticing him taking long blinks. I was always updating the breeder, to the point I really wondered if I should take him to a vet. I decided to observe for a few more days, and during that time, he was so lively. He was eating well, cage climbing, and greeting me when I opened his cage. So I thought I was just paranoid. I found him Monday morning, dead on the cage floor. I feel terrible. I told the breeder, and after saying she would talk to me later, has not said anything at all. I know she is upset, but so am I. I tried really hard, and I was so attached. I paid so much for everything, and I thought it would be worth it because Iíd have my bird. But now heís gone, and I dont think the breeder will trust me ever again. Iíve heard of teflon poisoning. But the room I kept my bird in was upstairs, and Iíd make sure to cover the door crack with a towel just to be safe if someone was cooking. Would the fumes still have reached? I also have those heaters attached to the wall (regular home heater), but as far as I knew, those didnt pose a problem? I didnt set it too high either. Has this happened to anyone else? And so soon/sudden? Iíve had so many pets in my lifetime that have been woth me for years, yet I couldnít keep my baby for more than a week =Ď(

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    Re: My baby cockatiel passed away

    I am sorry you lost your baby. It is so hard to lose them and its also hard not to blame yourself. The heater could have Teflon in it. Sadly lots of them do and they don't have to heat up much to make the fumes. I think as far as cooking downstairs with the door closed and sealed it was safe from fumes from the house. All kinds of things are bad. Air freshners, fingernail polish, paints really anything that is not a natural fragrance can kill a bird. Hair straighteners, hot irons and even some blow dryers have Teflon in them.

    It also could have been that your baby had something wrong with it and no matter what you did it just wasn't meant to live. I truly am so sorry you lost your baby.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: My baby cockatiel passed away

    Hi, and welcome! I too am so sorry you lost your baby. My thought would be it very well could have been the heat lamp, because many of them should not be used with pets in the home. I also say, that for a little bird like this one, who was almost dead, and the breeder brought him back and nursed him to good health....a strong bond is built between the breeder and this baby, so much so, that this baby considered the breeder to be his lifeline, and to take him away, simply caused the bird to feel sooooo empty inside from the loss of that person, the bird died. I cannot speak for any other person or breeder, and I am not chastising the breeder at all. I am just saying, after having both cockatiels and budgies in my home for many years, birds do get attached to us. For your little baby, being so very young, it just was too much for him to bear the loss of his first birdy mom/breeder. I know I would never be able to part with a baby who almost died, if he or she survived.

    Further, there is always the possibility of a DNA or genetic defect. Some breeders would replace the lost bird. I truly hope your breeder will do so immediately. I am sending you hugs, because I know how you are hurting. Stay strong, and if possible, replace your baby asap. If possible, it is always recommended to have birds in a room close to where we spend most of our time at home. Especially new ones need to be able to see us and interact with us daily. And further, I always move my two budgie cages to my bedroom at night, so they will know I am close by to them. Again, this is just my preference. I am not chastising you at all!

    Fly high and free sweet baby!! Over the rainbow bridge!
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    Re: My baby cockatiel passed away

    this made me cry, literally. you did all that you could've to provide the little guy with as much love and care as possible. that was the most you could've done, and you did it well. take pride in that!

    im so sorry for your loss, he will fly free in heaven with all of the other birds. <3

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