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Thread: New bird owner? Advice?

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    Post New bird owner? Advice?

    I've had my two budgies for about 4 days and they have gotten better but still dont really want to move around when im there or even do anything, i heard this isnt abnormal but i tried to see if i could get them to interact with me and try to give them some millet and they weren't interested so i left them alone, the only reason im confused is that some of my friends have budgies and they were able to pick them up the day after. Any advice would be appreciated, and please forgive my ignorance im new to birds in general.

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    Re: New bird owner? Advice?

    Hi Aaron, welcome to the forum. Some babies are raised around people handling them everyday and they are very use to having people hold them and some are just left with there parents and don't know if they can trust people. In time your bird will get use to you and trust you. The more time you sit next to your birds cage talking to it and just sitting by it reading or doing something the more it will be at ease with you. Eat some food next to the cage if you can and offer a tiny bite of it to them. There are some foods to avoid though, here is a good write up on foods for birds, http://www.tailfeathersnetwork.com/b.../nutrition.php

    Budgies like spray millet for sure so keep on offering it to your budgies. You can break off one of the tiny bulbs on it and stick it into the bars of the cage and then go to the other side of the room in hopes they will eat it then.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: New bird owner? Advice?

    Hi, Aaron and welcome to the community. It takes awhile for them to settle in. I have had budgies not eat or drink for up to four days, and some just sat on the perch for a day or more, so do not worry. Each day you will see that trust is developing. Time and patience are on your side.

    We will watch for updates. Keep offering the millet! That will win them over for sure! And play soft music on a radio or CD player, and also play cartoons or the Disney channel on TV. There is something about the sounds of both those channels that Budgie's love!

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