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Thread: 10 year old Conure laying eggs

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    10 year old Conure laying eggs

    Hi everyone, My Conure is spending all day underneath her papers at the bottom of her cage. Last week I found an egg there. I take her out every nite and spend all day engaging her. I read this is unhealthy for her and want to end this behavior. What do I do. Thanks Greg

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    Re: 10 year old Conure laying eggs

    Sometimes they cannot help but lay eggs. I hope this doesnt become a habit for her because at 10 years old that is getting older and its harder on them as they age. I hate to say it but perhaps you might need to remove the paper so she cannot get under there anymore. Its sad because I sure do know how much birds love to get under the paper down there. Just today Tikki was under his cage paper having a blast and talking away and then he came right up to his soft perch and rubbed his you know whats on it to pleasure himself. Its that time of the year unfortunately.
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    Re: 10 year old Conure laying eggs

    Once a hen begins to lay eggs, no matter her age, the egg laying will continue. Taking her egg from her, will cause her to lay more eggs to replace the one she no !longer has. My suggestion is to discourage any papers, whether for hiding under, or using on cage bottom. Any eggs she lays need to be placed in a corner of the cage floor, and not removed for 28-30 days. She has to go through the egg laying cycle for that length of time. Do not provide her with any nest, including happy huts, or cloth huts, nor a nest box of any kind. Also, be sure to give her 10-12 hours of sleep at night. Do not give her soft foods, nor any cooked eggs or egg food. Sometimes seed mixes have egg food as an ingredient. Eggs encourage hormones which result in egg laying. There are many modern seed mixes with eggs and other ingredients such as spirilina, which also encourage egg laying.

    I suggest you provide her with plenty of cuttlebone. You can crush some and mix with seed mix. Do you feed pellets? If so, I suggest feeding 20% pellets to 80% seed. There are some pellets that have soybeans in them. They too encourage hormones.
    Our birds consider us to be their mate. Since you have her out of cage often, now that she has started laying eggs, only touch her head, giving her scritches. Touching a hen on her body and her wings or underwings also encourages hormones. Keep your schedule for time together, though. That is important.
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