Hi everyone.

I thought instead of starting new threads, that I'd post updates on previous introduction threads and make seperate threads for each species, to hopefully make my posts more shorter!

Rico and Nico are doing alright. They're definitely a handful and it feels like I have human kids when it comes to them lol. Overall, I think they are ok. Earlier this year around February, Nico got sick again, doing the stargazing thing like she did last year in November. We still don't know what caused it the second time again, but we did bring her to the vet and he prescribed baytril for 10 days and it helped her and she was back to her normal self. We think she ate her own poop. Because in their huge cage they would go to the top and just hang on the cage bars and sometimes just drop poop on them and then when they climb around they may eat it. Even when we put a perch at the top they didn't use it they just kept hanging. So they have been migrated into a smaller cage. It is not ideal since they are bigger, and they are now in a cage more suitable for the lovebirds. But they get more additional time out of the cage to compensate for the smaller cage. And we decided to put them in the smaller cage so that Nico could recover and have more rest at the time too. Since then there have been no signs of illness thankfully.

However, Rico still bullies Nico sometimes. It is usually if one of us comes into the room and its like she's protecting her but she's bullying her at the same time and pushing and shoving her until she moves and sometimes even when Nico moves she keeps pushing her which I really really hate. When she does that we sometimes grab rico and put her in a box for five minutes to hopefully make her learn her lesson. The lesson is never learned but at least it gives Nico some peace for awhile and rico is a little calmer after her time out for a short while too.

She plucked some off the feather off of little Nico's head, and this usually occurs in the early morning. It still seems to be a problem but Nico refuses to be separated from rico. It gets frustrating sometimes. And for some reason, Rico started plucking her own feathers too and we heard that it was possibly because she was trying to make a nest with her own feathers! They previously had a nestbox in their little cage, as someone told us they like to have little places to hide or sleep. So for awhile they had it and it was actually good because I think they slept better with the sounds of the others minimised for them. But once we started to notice the plucked feathers we removed the box from them. From time to time my partner will put diluted iodine on the seas that have been plucked to help them stop. It breaks my heart seeing this and I really do not know what to do about them. If anyone has suggestions I do welcome them.

But apart from this plucking issue, they love being outside in the lounge room and rico still loves taking massive baths in big containers full of water. Rico still hates bedtime and once her blankets come on she climbs and starts flapping her wings and shouting lol. But she eventually stops about 30 minutes after the lights have gone out. They still love their fruits, and some vegetables.

Here are some photos, rico is the red bellied one, and nico is the other one, there are a few more of Nico as its a little hard to get rico's photo sometimes: