Hello guys,

My female Cockatiel named Pretty(written Prettie) used plucked her wing feathers when she was alone and her best friend Fookol passed away, may he RIP.
I got her a new friend and she stopped with the plucking but the recent issue I'm having is ingrown feathers (feather cyst) she had one and I removed it with long sterile tweezers.
It regrew back and I removed it again but this time the wound was deep and my poor Prettie's bone was showing through the wound covered with a thin layer of flesh. I instantly put kwik-stop styptic powder which has benzocaine to stop the pain.

Unfortunately my family doesn't have enough money to take her to a vet and I only could take Fookol once to the vet before he passed away RIP I loved him and it took away all my the money i saved about $600, the doctor also did some tests.

What should I do about these feather cysts, how can I make them stop? Any supplements that slow down their growth?
Also does anybody know any avian vets in Texas that might be able to help her at low charge because I really would do anything to help her.

Thanks very much for reading this and any advice or help will be really appreciated!

Picture of her wing