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Thread: how much attention does a cockatiel require daily?

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    Smile how much attention does a cockatiel require daily?

    I am a freshmen in high school and am getting my first cockatiel. I have been researching for 11 months now and need some help. My parents are divorced and I go back and forth. I am at my mom's house mon-tues and my dad's weds-thurs, and we switch off on the weekends. My mom would be fine with me having a cockatiel and her place(we also have indoor cats at her house tho). My dad, however, does not want to have a cockatiel in his house and says that after I have had it for 2 years then he would let me bring it back and forth, maybe 1 year. On the weekdays that I am with my mom I could give the bird 3+ hours of attention per day. on the weekdays I'm at my dads, it would vary from 30min to 2 hours, or maybe no attention on rare occasions. on the weekends I am with my mom I would hang out with it all day and when at my dads I would(most of the time) be able to visit my bird for a few hours(sometimes this may only be 1 day of the weekend).

    1.Will I be able to give a cockatiel the attention they need?

    2. Would it be stressful for my bird to be driven back and forth between houses every week, considering they might be in a car for 20-40 min?

    3. Should I get 2 tiels?

    Please help,

    Thank you! :P
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    Re: how much attention does a cockatiel require daily?

    If your Mom would be there and your bird could be in the living room with your Mom I think this will be good. Lots of birds are home alone all day long while people work and they are just fine. You will need to get lots of toys for him to play with and maybe leave a radio on a timer so he will have something to listen to when you know its going to be a long time being alone. I just hope your Mom will say he can stay in the room where she is and then you wouldn't worry about him when you were at your dads house. Birds are usually good about going for car rides. I would get a small carrier for it for the ride and then brings its cage back and forth. It is safer for them to be in a travel carrier or it least a smaller cage. We fasten the carrier through the seatbelt in the car for extra safety. Some birds get car sick. Sadly my daughters Conure will get sick in the car after about 10 minutes and poor Tikki will throw up 3 or 4 times when we have to take him to his vet which is 50 minutes from our house. He is fine once he gets out but it is miserable seeing him getting car sick when he needs to go to the vets.
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    Re: how much attention does a cockatiel require daily?

    Hi, and welcome to the community. Here is my view! Are you going to get a baby cockatiel, or an older one, or adopt one. Having a parent or friend to be there for the bird is important, especially for a new baby tiel. It sounds like your mom will be of help. One concern I would have is the cats. Being predators, cats can pounce on birds in a nano second, and also can knock over bird cages, so you would need to keep the cats in another room from the bird 24\7. If you are traveling, you need a cage about 18 x 20 x 22 (minimum size) inches. The small travel cages are too confining for bigger birds like cockatiels. When you travel you need to cover the cage with a light weight blanket with front side open. It will take time for the bird to adjust to this moving schedule.

    I would set up the cage in a room where there usually are people, for at least a few hours a day. Many people have birds and work during the day and give time to their birds at night.

    If it were me, I would start out with one bird only.

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