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Thread: Curious behaviour of my Sun Conure (PLEASE HELP)

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    Curious behaviour of my Sun Conure (PLEASE HELP)

    So his name is Ben and he is two. and I think he is in season right now but im not sure. He is lowering his body and pushing his tail end up and doing strange things with his wings. He lets me hold him and kiss him but when he goes to sit on top of his cage he will let me pet him and he just acts very strange, Im not sure if this is his him showing signs of mating behaviour. Should I leave him alone? I will start stroking his head and he will move forward so that my fingers rest upon his back.,

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    Re: Curious behaviour of my Sun Conure (PLEASE HELP)

    It sort of sounds like my daughters Pineapple Green cheek conure does when he is feeling frisky. I would not let him do this to you and try to get his attention away from doing it by offering him a food treat or holding a toy for him. I am bird sitting my daughters conure and he is feeling very hormonal as well and when he just wont quit getting frisky I just put him in his cage and let him do his business in his cage.
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