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Thread: Update on birds + need chop recipes

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    Update on birds + need chop recipes

    Hi all!

    Life has been going pretty good with the birds since I last posted on here. I actually managed to get Fluffi to stop laying for some months using a great variety of methods— she last laid in September or October. However, she’s been constantly nesty, and started a clutch on Valentine’s day. Just laid her second egg last night, which was incredibly stressful for me because it was much over 48 hours and I was concerned she might be egg bound. As far as I know, no issues.

    The 4-5 month break was great, but still not enough to be a “healthy” egg laying schedule, I think. Hopefully she won’t go back to chronic after she sits through these.

    Sunny, of course, had to be moved out to the smaller cage because Fluffi gets extremely aggressive come egg-laying time (I don’t blame her). The small cage is not great, but livable, and the door is open for most of the day when I’m home so I don’t think she minds too much.

    For Christmas I got some bird gear on sale from Drs. Foster & Smith. Mostly a variety of perches for different textures, and some new chew toys. The whole cage got completely rearranged and not only does it make them excercise more to get from place to place, but it helped stave off the egg laying for a bit. I will post pictures soon.

    Lafaeber’s also generously sent me free samples of their avi-cakes, pellets, and pellet-berries, which the birds enjoy. I don’t enjoy feeding them pellets, but it also helped with stopping egg laying for a while because Fluffi did not think dry hard pellets were good food for her “babies”. However, I would prefer to stick to seeds and fresh foods, so:

    Mostly, I’m posting to ask for some good chop recipes. I found an unused food processor in the depths of my kitchen and thought it would serve well to make chop for the birds, especially nesting Fluffi. Which vegetables would be the best to use for calcium, protein, and other vitamins/minerals she needs?

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    Re: Update on birds + need chop recipes

    Hi, Linh, and welcome back. I am super happy for you. You sure can be proud of all you did to keep Fluffi from laying all those months. In ny view, that is a good indication, that this current clutch, is due to our Springtime approaching, and I do not feel she will become chronic. I bet they love their remodeled cage. Dr. Foster and Smith is a great website. I even have purchased seed from them. It is great quality. I can only imagine how happy and proud she is with those new eggs.

    Due a google search........birdy mash recipes for cockatiels. Birdy bread recipes for cockatiels.. Birdy chopped veggie recipes for cockatiels. There are some great recipes on line. Let us know what you find. Most any fresh veggie will work. You also can add fresh apples. For recipes you may find with eggs in them, do not use eggs for Fluffi, because eggs tend to increase hormones in hens, and you are working hard to keep her from laying eggs all of the time.

    I am sending lots of scritches to Fluffi and Sunny, and hugs to you! We will welcome updates anytime.
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