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Thread: New budgies.

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    New budgies.

    Hi guys. New to forum, had 2 new birds home for about 6 hours now. Not eaten or drank a thing. Plus one of them is a bit quivery and occasionally puffs up . Is this normal ?

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    Re: New budgies.

    Hi, and welcome to the community. Congrats on bringing home your new babies. Here is my opinion. It is normal for them to not eat or drink for a period of time. I have had new ones that did not eat or drink for up to three days. Having two is helpful because they have each other, whereas a single budgie does feel very alone at first. Sit by their cage and talk softly to them. Play some soft music on a CD player or radio. While you are sitting by them, eat a snack. Ofter them a treat at the same time. Get some millet sprigs at the pet shop or a retail store. Ofter them some millet in a cup, broken into small pieces, and also hang a piece in the cage.

    Cover the cage with a light weight blanket or sheet, front side open and all sides covered at night. Covering gives them some security. When they are settled in, you can discontinue the cover in daytime, but I suggest you cover them at night. It is normal for the droppings to be loose or watery because they are not eating or drinking. Once they begin to do so, the poops should be firm in consistency with white in the center. The quivering and puffed up, right now, would be due to a new home, however, watch for any lethargy, sleeping all the time, and sitting on the cage floor, rather than on the perch, along with watery droppings, after they have been eating and drinking. Those symptoms would indicate possible illness, and the need to call an Avian vet asap.

    Time and patience are on your side. Each day they will feel more safe and secure. And by this time next week, I could anticipate them beiing very happy, playful, chirping, and eating. We will welcome updates.
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    Re: New budgies.

    Welcome to the forum. It takes time for all birds to eat and even drink when they first come home. Some birds go a few days without eating and if it lasts longer then that I would then get a little worried about them.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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