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Thread: Slightly dirty vent

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    Slightly dirty vent

    So after some contemplating I decided to get a Bourke's parrot - I named him Poppy and had him for just over a week now. He's not hand tamed so I've been trying to get him used to my hand, but one day I noticed his vent was a little bit dirty I made the mistake of trying to get him out of the cage to give him a bath, but that just freaked and stressed him out. I left him in his cage and tried misting him a bit later, which he seemed to enjoy!

    Skip to today and I notice his vent still looks a bit dirty? I'm not able to get a good look but it's worrying me since I haven't had this problem with my tiels.. Poppy is eating and playing well, I know he's drinking some water (just not sure if he's drinking enough or not). Could this be because of stress/diet? At the moment his diet is just budgie seeds. I am trying to slowly introduce some pellets with the seeds and hopefully some veggies. In the past week and a half he hasn't had any veggies yet, just seeds he poops fine from what I've seen.. no concerning droppings either.

    I'm planning to take him to an avian vet after his quarantine period is over but now I'm wondering if I should take him to the vet sooner :0 and would anyone have any tips on cleaning his vent? He has a bird bath in his cage but I dont think he likes it or knows what it is. I can't take him out of his cage without scaring him since he's not completely used to my hand yet, so at the moment I can only mist him. I spray upwards so that the mist falls lightly- I'm not sure if Poppy would be keen on getting his little bum misted lol..

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    Re: Slightly dirty vent

    Here is my opinion. Pellets are man made and are very dry foods. As a result, they require lots and lots of drinking water. How old is your new friend? Congrats on bringing him home. Often times it takes a week or more for them to settle in, and all birds can have this problem untl they are eating a good amount of seed and drinking plenty of water. I would suggest when you spray him, spray the bum area as well. It will soften that area and he will be able to clean off his vent himself. I think you trying to do it will frighten him more. Try feeding him some fresh leaf lettuce in shredded pieces. Mix some with his seeds and also hang a full piece of lettuce in the cage, and also put some in a separate cup. You also can chop finely several different fresh veggies, mix some with his seeds, and also put some in a cup. Until he is eating all of these, I would not add pellets to the diet. Lettuce has good water content and that will loosen up the droppings.

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    Re: Slightly dirty vent

    I think hanging a big piece of Romaine or green leaf lettuce that you soaked with water is another way to give him the lettuce plus lots of birds will rub themselves all over the wet lettuce leafs to bathe. The more he drinks and the more he gets wet I think is the best way to get him little rear cleaned up. Is it dried poo on his rear or just a green tint? If it is dried poos you might have no choice but to get ahold of him and soak his rear with water to get the poos off of him.
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