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Thread: Both parakeets suddenly died

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    Both parakeets suddenly died

    Hello everyone.

    First time posting here, and unfortunately it is because I'm looking for possible answers involving the deaths of my two parakeets. It only happened about half an hour ago, and was incredibly sudden. I'm worried because I also have two cockatiels, although both are acting fine still.

    I'm 31, and have had parakeets, finches, and cockatiels consistently since I was 13...not a new owner at all. I know about the dangers of certain cleaners, non-stick pans, detergents, toxic plants, etc. In all these past years, I've never had two parakeets die the same hour, much less the same year. They'd been active all day, though much more subdued and napping more than usual. Although they're allowed to free fly when I'm home, they barely came out but the tiels flew as normal.

    I checked my carbon monoxide detector, it's fine. I haven't used my oven in two days, and I made tacos on the stove top 4 hours ago but the pan wasn't new and I've had both these parakeets for over two years with no previous issues. The only thing I did differently today was use a drain unclogger liquid in my shower, but that's 12 feet away from my living room and I closed the door to prevent possible fumes.

    What on earth could have caused this? I'm completely distraught and very afraid for my cockatiels. Please, any advice on what to check for would help.

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    Re: Both parakeets suddenly died

    I am very sorry that you lost your two birds like this and it has to be devastating and very scary this happened because you do not know what happened. Did you buy new food that you only gave to these two in the last day or so? Do anything with them that you did not do with the rest of your birds. I honestly don't think it was the drain cleaner because if it was it would have hurt your other birds and instead I think it is something that happened to them in there cage with food or even water being the culprit. There was a major recall on bird foods about a month or so ago, did you happen to just open a new bag of food for them? If you did look up that food to see if it was one of them that was recalled. I feel just awful this happened and really it is all a guess to what happened to them. I would be very tempted to take one to the vet and get a autopsy to make sure it is not something that might hurt the rest of your flock.

    Sending you a big hug and my sympathy for your loss of your beautiful birds.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Both parakeets suddenly died

    I am sooo sorry you lost your two budgies. When you say they were more quiet and subdued, did you see runny droppings, sleeping more thsn usual, any discharge from nares or eyes, being all fluffed up and not being active or eating and drinking? Has your weather chsnged to being colder, or hotter, depending upon where you live, and are they uncovered all the time? It could be both were having symptoms of an infection or other illness. Birds hide their illness very cleverly.

    I think you have to get a bird necropsy very soon after they died. So, if you are interested in getting one, call an Avian vet as soon as possible. To me, it does sound like it was a very sudden happening, and if not illness, something in or outside of your home caused it.

    I know the heartbreK of losing a budgie. I am sending you hugs.

    Fly high and free sweet budgies, over the Rainbow Bridge.

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