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Thread: Single parent

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    Re: Single parent

    Awwww! I am soooo sorry this has happened. My opinion is that due to the loss of Luna, she is mourning that presence of being there with her. Also, hens are programmed by nature to instinctively know if those eggs will hatch. When they set on them, they can feel the movement of the embryos in the shell. With all that has happened, the stress of the loss, may have affected her to just abandon the eggs, for whatever reason.

    Like Deanna, I will hope you can get good info from a breeder. Maybe the breeder uses baby bird formula on occasion, and could give you some. I too feel so sad for you. I will pray that one egg will hatch, and the baby survives.

    Here is some other info for you. . Find a good used 10 gallon aquarium and clean it well with a combination of warm water and vinegar. Take a piece of flannel and line the bottom of the aquarium, then place something that can be shredded fine, such as a paper towel on the flannel, and then when you place the baby in the aquarium, it will have a soft place to lay. The top can also be covered by something like plexiglass when the baby gets older, but needs to have holes in it so there is air available for the baby to breath. You may have a better idea for covering and cushioning the bottom, but you do not want the baby to smoother in too much shredded material. Right now, even a piece of paper or cardboard, with holes punched in it, can be used over the top, because the baby cannot get out, and the only goal is to keep the baby warm.

    The baby has to be kept warm. Take a couple of socks and fill with dry rice. Tie the top with string or a shoe string. Then, take one sock and place it in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds. Place the sock inside the aquarium on the opposite end of where you are placing the baby, so the heat will warm the inside, but will not be too hot to suffocate the baby. Surprisingly, those socks keep heat for quite a long time. I use them on my back in place of a heating pad at night. Then I do not have to worry about fire. You may need a sock on each end.

    Since she has abandoned the eggs, I do not think you can trust her with any surviving chicks ever. Even if they do live, and grow bigger, she may very well be aggressive with them, so you will need a separate cage for them later on. But they can live in the aquarium for several weeks, which will give you time to find another cage, and set it up. I had a breeder that used an aquarium all the time for babies he pulled from parents or hens, to handfeeds.

    My prayers and thoughts of a positive outcome are with you.
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    Re: Single parent

    I am so engrossed in this story and really looking for what has happened. Here I am with 2 diligent parents and eggs are 30-23 days old and not fertile and wondering why the boy did not do the hanky panky and you lose your baby and now having egg issues. I have had fed a conure, my male cockatiel and 4 parakeets so ready when my tiels have babies but sadly this clutch will not happen and i am wondering of your eggs...please update us....

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    Re: Single parent

    Oh my, I wish you the very best of luck in raising them if they hatch. I've handfed from day one before & it is exhausting, yet rewarding.

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