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Thread: Constant Screeching...

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    Constant Screeching...

    In about the last week, my budgie Ozzy, has been non-stop making noise. I'm fine with warbling and chirps but he has also started screeching LOADS! This is throughout the day and only stops when he can't see the birds outside, or when he is relaxed. He also is flirting with anything, perches, his shadow, a toy and his window reflection. I think this may be hormones but it's driving my family insane. I've tried covering the cage to calm him down but even then it doesn't work. Please, is there any way of teaching him to be quiet or will it pass?

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    Re: Constant Screeching...

    I know the feeling and the sound of a screeching bird well and unfortunately the only thing I could do was either pick up or wheel the cage in another room and close the door. With the time of the year I really do think Ozzy is hormonal and it will last it least 3 weeks. You can try putting a blanket over his cage if you can't move it to give him a time out for awhile. Also make sure he is getting a long good night sleep as well. My sister's Amazon is hormonal now and his flock calls are ear piercing and a blanket covering his cage does calm him down for awhile.
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