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Thread: Cockatiel Update+Canging Pellets

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    Cockatiel Update+Canging Pellets

    Hi all,

    I have finally come up with a name for my bird, Kyle! No particular reason for this name except that saying "Kyle the Cockatiel" sounds good. Kyle and I have been getting along great, and I have been very pleased with how he is doing.

    Anyways, when you read the title, you probably thought "Oh he's trying to get his 'tiel on pellets from seed. That's not the case. Kyle has been doing great eating his pellets! However, so far since he is still kinda young, he is only eating the parakeet sized Zupreem pellets. I am trying to get him on the normal cockatiel size pellets, any suggestions on how?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Cockatiel Update+Canging Pellets

    Quite honestly, I would not be concerned about the bigger pellets. The smaller ones are easier to eat, and if you compare ingredients in both, I think they probably are the same. In ny view, you always want to feed a good seed mix with the pellets....80% seed to 20% pellet. Pellets are man made, whereas seeds are natural foods from the earth. In the wild, cockatiels and other parrots would never be eating pellets. Feeding fresh veggies along with the seeds and pellets is a good diet. Also, you can try fresh fruits. Tiels are not much into fruit though. Check out the web for birdy bread, birdy veggie chop, and birdy veggie mash recipes by googling all of all of these in a search. And here on the home page, do a search for bird chop. And also visit our member Jen's profile page and search her threads. Recently she has been making some excellent bird mash and chop for:her budgies and lovebird. She wrote them in some of her posts.

    If you still prefer the larger pellets, try mixing some with seeds, and take a very small amount of organic apple juuce and add to the mix. That might perk his interest.

    Kyle is the perfect name. I love it! We will watch for updates.
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