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Thread: favourite cage side

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    favourite cage side

    So, both my budgies stay on one side of the cage. This can cause problems, because they will fight occasionally over personal space, even though there is plenty of space on the left hand side, but they basically live on the right hand side. The only times I see them over there is when they want to nibble a vegetable or get a drink of water. I know they can have favourite things, but they just won't move. I don't think it's the environment either, because all that's to the left is either a wall, the TV or the side of a sofa. Can I encourage them to move around. It's not urgent, I'd just like to see my budgies have more space, than crowd around one area.

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    Re: favourite cage side

    Birds tend to stay close together because they are a flock. I think it just happens to be they like to congregate there, and it probably will only upset them to have to move. It seems they really like that side.

    You might try putting seeds and treats on both sides. That might perk their interest and could encourage them to move to the other side.

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