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Thread: The surprise chipmunk & the canaries

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    The surprise chipmunk & the canaries

    I have canaries who are now coming into breeding season so are singing their little hearts out. I also have a chipmunk called henrietta. Now henrietta has been hibernating and as we had not seen anything of her recently we thought the worst has happened.

    We put a pair of canaries in her cage so the boys wouldnt be fighting.

    Now henrietta has woken up this morning (i am very pleased shes so cute and friendly) i cant find any info online about them living together. Has anyone had experience of this?

    We do intend to separate the but it would be good to know if they could get on.

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    Re: The surprise chipmunk & the canaries

    That is so cute you have a chipmunk. There is a local rescue close to me called the Bear League that not only rescues bears but also other animals. They save lots of chipmunks and they have one that cannot be released so it lives in the house and hibernates just like yours does. Every year its fun to guess when it will wake up. I would be careful about having these two living together. Since henrietta can climb and possibly hurt your new bird I would try to make sure they are in Seperate rooms just to make sure your bird don't get hurt. The ones at the bear league live with a big raven, 3 porcupines and 2 bulldogs and they all coexist and they are all potty trained too.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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