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Thread: Bringing home a new bird?!

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    Unhappy Bringing home a new bird?!

    Hi everyone! I'm thinking about getting a lovebird soon, but I'm worried. I already have a budgie (male) named Midnight. He's pretty timid, but he's hand tame and warming up to me. We don't exactly have a close bond yet, but he will sit on my shoulder, go on my finger, and train. I want to get a lovebird (specifically a playful, confident one), that's used to human interaction. This is a great opportunity seeing as I could build a really strong bond with such an adorable little bird! Of course, I'm not planning on putting them in the same cage, but I do want their cages next to each other. Is it a good idea to do so on the first day of bringing the lovie home? I read that lovies bond with other birds and will ignore you. Midnight could develop a stronger bond to the lovie. People have had this happen to them a lot. Two birds play with each other, and never look at the human again. Should I place the cages next to each other? Also, what do I do when I want both birds to stay in the same room, but I don't want them to become attached/ obsessed? I want Midnight to see this lovie to learn from him (male). The lovie will play with toys, eat veggies, and take baths (not to mention it's way more social!). That is the opposite from Midnight. It could end up getting Midnight some confidence/ experience. Or... it could end up making the two birds ignore me. What do I do? I really want that lovie!!! Any advice???

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    Re: Bringing home a new bird?!

    I have a lovebird and a budgie... though it wasn't exactly planned.

    They do play together very happily - and still interact with us. Bluey was inherited from my Nan. Because she'd been ill, he hadn't really spent as much time out playing with humans as he does now with us, and was a bit timid (possibly all the changes in his life too). He's still not a very, very tame bird (like Sammy who could be described as velcro some days), but I think a lot of that is their own personality. Sammy loves and adores us, and wants to be with us. Bluey is more independent, and wants to do things on his terms. Which means sometimes he'll spend half the evening happily wrestling with your fingers, and other days will begrudgingly step up and fly off as soon as you sit down. He won't ever come when you call him - but will land on your head when you don't want him to, lean down and tap your nose

    They sit next to each other - but we separate them at night. Partly because Sam has hormonal issues (typical lovie) so we try to give him 12 hours dark every day - and partly because when we haven't we've been woken up by them chatting at 2am. Naughty boys lol

    What I would say, is introductions will have to be very carefully done - and may not work at all. A lovebird can do a lot of damage - I completely believe that Sammy could easily take off Bluey's toe or hurt him if annoyed.

    That said, they knew each other, and interacted (closely supervised) for years before moving into the same home a couple of years ago. And also, both are fully flighted - so if Bluey is getting a bit much (usually the way it happens) Sammy just flies off.

    Sammy is generally a very calm, laid back little lovie. And we work hard to maintain the pecking order in our house. I am the boss. Quite often if my hubby asks them to step up they'll run off, zip past him, or even (the budgie again) bite him. But mummy means business - and they both know it lol. So they are both secure knowing who is in charge (not them!). And also, Sammy is above Bluey. He's the stronger, more dangerous bird - so in order to make sure he doesn't feel his flock position is threatened (and therefore want to show dominance) we make sure he's the one let out first, the one we say hello to first, and the one who gets the best treats first.

    They also are not allowed in each other's cages, and don't share toys. Although they do share a playstand. Their cages and toys are their space - and the rest of the house is neutral.

    Nearest thing we've had to an issue is when they got overexcited chasing each other around the room and smacked into glass doors. We have stickers on them now lol.

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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