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Thread: Sick budgie!!!!

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    Exclamation Sick budgie!!!!

    I HAVE A PROBLEM!!! After watching my budgie for a few days, I am 100% sure he's sick. Tail bobbing, lethargy, lack of eating (I think that's due to him being paranoid and fearful still), sitting on the same perch the whole day, and just now... I found two droppings stuck to his vent! I'm not sure if there was a change in droppings. They're usually green when wet, and brown/ black when they dry. He eats only seeds sadly. After researching about the droppings that were stuck, it said female budgies who are going to lay eggs sometimes have it. I never got my birdo DNA tested, and the pet store didn't know the gender. After researching online, I determined that it was a boy. BUT... it says sometimes girls are the same except they have a really faint white around the nose. I'm not sure, but it seems like this. I don't know what to do! I'm going to a vet, but I need any extra advice I can get. Thanks!!!

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    Re: Sick budgie!!!!

    A vet for sure would know the answers. Get him help fast as you can.

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    Re: Sick budgie!!!!

    If your bird is a new bird it does take them 2 to 3 days to feel comfortable in there new home. Some birds take longer to settle in and are fearful of people for a long time. Are there any fumes in your house that are not natural fumes? Birds are very sensitive to smells and it can cause them to breath harder making there tail bob. The poops stuck to his rear is not good and if he can't get it off you might need to soak it with a wet cloth so it will come off. If you think it is sick hopefully you can take it to a vet. Birds go down fast if they are sick and not being treated.

    Eating seeds is not horrible but if they can eat other food it is better then just seeds. In time as long you keep giving it new foods to try one day he will try it and like it.
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