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Thread: Birds eating soap

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    Birds eating soap

    You might be feeling it a bit strange, but that's the truth. There are few lovebirds at home. During the evenings, I let them out of the cage. There is a soap that is kept outdoors on the washbasin. When I let the birds free out of the cage, the first thing they does is to fly to the washbasin to eat the soap. I don't know how they peck it with their small beaks. Because of this I changed the soap from the washbasin and kept a handsfree soap dispenser. Although I have changed the soap to a dispenser, still the birds fly to the basin once they are let free. I would like to know what might be the reason for it. Has anyone of you seen such a kind of behavior for the birds that you have at home?

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    Re: Birds eating soap

    Is there a list of ingredients on the soap bar wrapper? I feel there must be something in the soap that attracts them. There are some organic soaps out on the market that have ingredients like citrus oil, lavender, rosemary, etc. etc. Do you have any other sweet smelling oils or sprays near that soap dispenser?

    It is a good decision to keep the soap away from them.

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    Re: Birds eating soap

    That is so strange they go right for the soap. I never heard of that before but I do know all the birds I had at my house are very obsessed with things they get into that I tell them not to get into. To me birds are like a 3 year old child who test you by doing things they know they are not suppose to do. Hiding the soap or replacing it like you did is the only solution. I do wonder why they would eat soap though which you would think would be nasty tasting.
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