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Thread: Soon to be mom to a 9 week old cockatiel

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    Soon to be mom to a 9 week old cockatiel

    Picking him her up in 2-3 weeks when he is ready. I bought the big cage can I have some advice on toys and essentials to put in the cage..

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    Re: Soon to be mom to a 9 week old cockatiel

    Hi Karen! I suggest to get two sets of water and food cups for peace of mind when your not home. Birds love to you water cups or take baths in them and they also poo in the food cups. I know my daughter's conure will grab a bit of food and turn to eat it with his rear over the cup. He poos right in it lots of times I am not sure if what toys to get a girl but others here can help with that. Get different sizes of perched to exercise your birds feet. I get a rough small Sandy perch and put it a bit lower water cup so they use it after drinking to keep there beaks nice and clean. Don't put it as the highest perch because it's rough on there feet and birds tend to sit on the highest perch the most.
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    Re: Soon to be mom to a 9 week old cockatiel

    Hi, Karen and welcome to you and your new baby. My suggestions would be to get some millet sprigs to have on hand for treats. Early on, you can use millet as a seed food, along with the regular seed mix. Put some millet seeds or pieces of the millet in a separate cup, and also you can mix some with the regular seed. Millet is full of moisture and is a healthy food. It is best used as an addition to diet, not a regular seed, but a treat, due to its fat content. But right now, since he or she is so young, feeding daily will not hurt at all.

    Fresh chopped veggies and leaf lettuce are great foods. Also fresh fruits. All have great nutrients for immunity and good health. Feeding fresh will take time. It is a good idea to try different items, each day. Begin with small amounts. You can use a separate food cup for fresh foods, and also put some on a plate, sitting on the cage floor, and also on top of outside of cage, when he is out flying free. Some owners wait to put the plate of fresh foods on top of cage when they want the bird to go back into the cage. That prevents chasing him to get him back. Using a butterfly net is the best way to catch birds, because it does not squeeze them like trying to use a towel.

    As to toys, tiels do not play with a lot of toys. They usually have a couple of favorites. It is best to not have toys with bells on them or mirrors. Both tend to increase hormones, and you do not want hormones to kick in until about 8-12 months of age, if possible.

    Time and patience will win for you. Good luck with your new baby. We will welcome updates and pics anytime.
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