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Thread: Training tips

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    Training tips

    My budgie is very stubborn. I need some tips for ways to train him. He had had a traumatic experience and he doesn’t really like me but he’s got on my finger in the past week once. Any advice?
    Proud owner of Lemon

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    Re: Training tips

    Hi, I am sorta new at this myself, but with my experience having a place that is meant for training separate from a place thats meant for playing helps the bird focus I find. Also if there is a treat that your bird just loves Id try bribing him If he doesnt like treats lost of praise and excitment (not too much so you dont scare it). overall the best thing i can think of is just spending a ton of time with him so he gets use to you and likes you he will be more inclined to do something that you want to do rather than fly away. Make the time he spends out of the cage fun so he looks forward to it and the time in the cage not to far from you. Eventually with time he will warm up and do things like step up for you. Best of luck I hope this helps

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    Re: Training tips

    Praise and excitement always works for me too. Boomer use to get super excited if we said "good Boomer" in a high pitched happy voice. Tikki my daughters Conure will do tricks instantly if he sees us holding a treat for him.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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