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Thread: My New Budgie

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    My New Budgie

    Hey everyone i just need some info as it is confusing me lol. Ok i got my budgie from a pet shop on Saturday and its now Wednesday . The first time day he came back he was eating and drinking but all he does is sit in one spot in scilence? How can i help? Also its strange as he lets me stroke his belly but wont hop on my finger and he does not want to eat anything out of my hand also he still sometimes hops away from me. I've tried everything but he wont have it. He is never puffed out like a relaxed budgie would he is constantly very sleek. If any of you amazing people could help me that would me great! Thank you
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    Re: My New Budgie

    Slow down. You just turned his world upside down and he needs to settle in. Don't touch him or invade his space just yet. Talk to him. Read to him. Play music for him. After he settles in--and you will know when he does-- you can *slowly* begin the taming process.

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    Re: My New Budgie

    Hi, and welcone to the community. Congrats on bringing home your new budgie. It does take a few days for them to eat and drink. I have had new ones wait 4 days before starting. The first week or so it is best to allow them time to get used to us. Do not try touching him as yet. Instead, let him be in his cage. Play soft music on a CD player or radio each day, and sit by his cage and talk softly to him. You can even read a child's book to him. And eat a snack while sitting by him. This will allow him time to get to know you. There will be plenty of time ahead, to have him out of cage, and to train him.

    Go to Youtube, and search for.....training young baby budgies. This will give you an idea how to begin training. I would not try training for 2-3 weeks. By then, he will trust you more. Do the training in a small room. Always have some millet sprigs available for training too.

    We hope to see updates often. Good luck.
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