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Thread: Flying to curtains

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    Flying to curtains

    So in the past 2-3 weeks, my 2 budgies have developed a tendency to fly to the top of the curtains in any room. This doesn't bother me when i'm minding my own business, but the annoying part comes when i take them into my bedroom or elsewhere to interact with them, and they fly up and away. It's especially annoying in the living room. One of my budgies (Joey) recently grew back enough feathers to fly (YAY), but now he thinks its really cool and funny to fly to the other side of the curtains, or the lights to get away when all i'm tryin to do is put them back to make sure they're eating or put them to bed. I understand that birds actively seek out high ground, but we recently got a new carpet, so it isn't ideal having them poop all over it. Can i help stop this behaviour? (I was also thinking of buying/making a tall play gym as an alternative, so they don't poop on the carpet, but they're still high up) Is this a good idea?

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    Re: Flying to curtains

    A tall fun play stand could help but I think when it comes to getting them to put them in there cage they will always fly way up high on the curtains. Tikki does this to me and my daughter and I swear he sits way up there laughing at us because we can't get him.
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    Re: Flying to curtains

    All budgies and smaller parrots do tend to fly to the curtain rods. Either buy or make a butterfly net to catch them. It will work great, and you do not have to towel them, or chase them all over.

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