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Thread: Birds hitting the window

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    Birds hitting the window

    My home's reflective window was looking so dirty and full of stains. Last week, I hired a window cleaning services in Markham for cleaning the windows. Now, the windows have become reflective. But the real problem begins after that. There are lots of birds in our surroundings. Some of them keep on hitting the windows over and over. When birds notice their reflection in the window they assume it as a rival bird and will attack the reflection to drive the rival away. The birds keep on flying against the reflection, peck at it and beat it with their wings. I tried to chase them away, but they keep coming near the window. I am afraid it might break the glass of the window. I don't want to hurt those birds but still, I want to chase them away. If they keep on hitting the glass they can lead to exhaustion. I covered the reflective surface but still, they keep hitting. Even If I covered the window from inside the glass, it still reflects. Are there any other ways to stop window attack by birds?
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    Re: Birds hitting the window

    I have this same problem and tried everything to stop the birds from crashing into mine. I found that hanging strands of beads from the top of the window to the bottom about 7 inches apart helped a little but still birds hit the windows. I got so heartbroken finding hurt or dead birds below my window that I got my crafting paint out and painted 1/4 inch dots all over the outside of my windows. Its silly but it works and I barely have birds hitting the windows anymore. People think its strange when the see the dots but understand when I tell them why they are there.
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    Re: Birds hitting the window

    You might also try hanging aluminium pie plates in the branches of trees and even around the window. It may look silly, but at least it might keep them away.

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    Re: Birds hitting the window

    I used silhouettes of birds in my family room window. I picked a package up at Wild Birds Unlimited. It's a nationwide chain, I am sure you can purchase them online if you don't' have a store near you. I had a cardinal who was in love with himself and he kept on hitting my window. Since we put the silhouettes in the window, it stopped. Deanna's and Ellen's ideas are good too. I have seen other people paint dots on their home windows to cut down on bird strikes. The aluminum pie plates along with the pin wheels work as well and are great to keep the ground hogs away..
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    Re: Birds hitting the window

    Hi Kelli,

    I would highly suggest you install a window shade on your window that way reflection will become less attracted to the birds and they will not hit the window instead birds will sit on window shades only.

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