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Thread: My budgie Buddy has pneumonia.

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    My budgie Buddy has pneumonia.

    Hello all of you budgie moms and dads,

    My baby Boy buddy is sick with pneumonia. I started to notice that he was not feeling well this past saturday. He was just sleeping so much. He was lethargic and not chirping at all. The one thing that I did notice is that he was still eating. That was a great sign of relief. I took Buddy to the vet on monday afternoon. He is now on Baytril; 0.35ml in 2oz. of water daily, for 2 weeks. Today he seems to be less lethargic. He has been on his meds for 72 hours, now. His appetite is still great. I have never had a budgie that had pneumonia, before. Is it normal for a budgie to not chirp when they are very sick? I miss my baby's sweet chirps so much. I was wondering if anyone can give me a general idea of when I can expect my baby boy to start to really be himself again; to start chirping?

    Thank you very much,

    Donna and Buddy

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    Re: My budgie Buddy has pneumonia.

    Hi, and welcome to you and Buddy. With pneumonia, I suspect, like us, when we have bronchitis, or even pneumonia, we can lose our voice, get hoarse, and not be able to talk or sing.

    Also, I think the meds make birds rather lethargic, because they are working on healing the illness. As he heals, I think he will get back to chirping. It is a real plus he is eating and drinking and taking the meds.

    If you see any new symptoms, call your vet and report them.

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    Re: My budgie Buddy has pneumonia.

    It takes awhile before your bird will start feeling like itself again. One thing I do recommend is that you purchase and avian scale. It's a digital scale with a perch attached to it. I weigh my cockatiel weekly and he averages about 105 grams. A scale is a great tool to determine if your bird is ill. Birds hide their illnesses very well and by the time you find out that they are sick, it's either to late or it's an emergency situation. By keeping a record of your birds weight, you can make the determination if your bird is ill with a sudden weight drop. Even though your bird is still eating, a sick bird will still lose weight.

    From what I have read is that budgies should weigh about 25 -36 grams. I have had my scale for about 10 years now and it's a tool that I use all the time. You can find them online such as amazon, or online stores that sell avian supplies.
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    Re: My budgie Buddy has pneumonia.

    I have to add in that if he is taking Baytril in his water make sure he is drinking it. I am a little surprised they didn't give you a syringe so you can give it to him straight into his beak. Also Baytril upset my lovies belly and made him appear sicker because his belly was upset. If your bird don't drink lots of water I would see if you can give it to him in his beak instead.

    I really hope your sweet bird gets well soon. Its sad to see our loved birds sick.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: My budgie Buddy has pneumonia.

    Poor baby Buddy. I hope he feels better soon. By the way, Baytril is an excellent antibiotic, so trust in that the doctor gave him the right med.

    I think the most important thing you can do for Buddy is to find out why he got pneumonia. Our pet birds are not like us in that they stay home, generally in one place. We go outside to many different places. We can get pneumonia and sometimes not know why. But the birds get pneumonia from something in the house where their cage is placed or what his diet consists of.

    Check these things: Is there a draft from a door or window? Is the A/C vent blowing air in his direction? Is his cage kept clean? Is it too cold where his cage is? Is he getting enough fresh fruits and vegetables every day?

    I hope he feels better soon!!
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