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Thread: Hello! Beginning my search :)

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    Hello! Beginning my search :)

    Hey! Looking fo my first larger bird, something more interactive than finches or parakeets, which I love and have had- looking forward to lots of advice and tips!

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    Re: Hello! Beginning my search :)

    Welcome to the site. One of my dream larger birds to have has been a African Grey. I just love how talkative they are. But then my daughter has a GCC that I just love like crazy. He is so talkative and happy and loves to sit with you when he isn't exploring.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Hello! Beginning my search :)

    I think it would be helpful to know what you want in a larger bird. Some are fantastic at snuggles, but not as great of talkers, while some just want to talk but don't enjoy as much petting and loves.

    What size are you wanting? Do you want someone who demands your attention? Or who just wants to hang out?

    My personal favorite of my group is my quaker, but they aren't for everyone! I am by no means an expert but I would love to help you explore options. We currently have, 2 sun conures, 2 green cheeks, 1 indian ringneck, 1 quaker, 1 cockatiel, 1 parrolett.

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