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Thread: New Budgie help

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    Unhappy New Budgie help

    I purchased a budgie from a pet store 3 days ago. The man told me she was quite young and would be easy to tame. After putting her in her new cage I have learned that she can't fly. I let her out to encourage her to try but she just falls down when she attempts to fly. She is very clumsy and often falls down while climbing. She seems to lack confidence.

    She is also constantly squawking. She very rarely makes any other sound, I've tried playing music and budgie sounds but she continues to squawk and sound distressed. She has already lost 7 large feathers, mostly from her tail and there is one hanging awkwardly from her now. She has been scratching her cere and her bottom an awful lot, both with her foot and on the perch.

    I tried to take a look at her wings but she has a very strong bite and she got very distressed so I couldn't see them perfectly but they don't look clipped. I've had budgies in the past but they were never this noisy and they could fly. Should I be worried?

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    Re: New Budgie help

    Hi, Tony, and welcome to the community. Your budgie is soooo beautiful! My recommendation is to call an Avian vet, and take her in for a wellness check. Have them examine her wings. You also will benefit from taking her to the vet to check on the scratching, and the squawking.
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