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Thread: Baby cockatiels booted out

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    Baby cockatiels booted out

    I have two 4week baby cockatiels I had to remove from parents mom was picking on them well dad to if left in cage so I have tried to hand feed but since parents did that from day 1 they will not hand feed

    I found out why the parents have breed again

    I put them in bottom of cage and dad would feed them one at time but as of today has totally stopped They are eating millet and have eaten mashed egg with rice I put in bowl in baby cage.

    My question is what can I feed them more I know veggies, pasta

    We are new to this HELP!!!!

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    Re: Baby cockatiels booted out

    Oh no, I wished I could help you out but I do not know enough to truly help. I know that lots of people have said to supplement the diet with baby bird formula. I think Kaytee makes a good a formula to feed them. Hopefully they will eat it off a spoon and you will not have to squirt it in there beaks with a syringe. I am happy it least they are eating some real food you are giving to them.
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    Re: Baby cockatiels booted out

    Hi, and welcome! I recommed you buy a can of powdered baby bird formula, and a plastic syringe, at your pet shop, asap, and subsidize the formula with what you are currently feeding them. There should be a choice of brands to pick. I would suggest reading the different ingredients on each brand can. You want to choose one that has a good selection of vitamins included in the formula, because babies need the vitamins to thrive and grow.

    Where are you housing the babies. If, in a cage, cover the cage they are in with a sheet, or light weight blanket, with front side open in the day, and all four sides, except for a few inches in bottom of front of cage at night.

    The parents on occasion will not feed them. Go to YouTube, and search for... handfeeding baby cockatiels. There are great videos there. It is important to not overfeed, to feed slowly, and to feed about three times a day. Morning, noon, and night, before bedtime.

    The crop should feel full, but not too full, because overfeeding can cause the formula to aspirate into the lungs. As they get bigger, you can decrease the number of feedings. And I also would try to add a few seeds to the formula, after they have gotten used to eating the formula. And you can feed the items you mentioned in your post between formula feedings, to tide them over until next feeding.

    We will welcome updates anytime.
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