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Thread: 3 amigos in one cage?

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    3 amigos in one cage?

    I've recently been thinking about getting another budgie. I already have 2 males in one cage and they are very nice birds and they don't cause too much trouble. However, if i adopt another male and put it in the cage with the 2 males i already have, would it be a good choice? The cage i have is large enough to fit 3 comfortably, and i always give them the option to fly around out of the cage. Please let me know if this would be a good choice and any poor or positive effects it might have. Thank you!

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    Re: 3 amigos in one cage?

    Hi, and Welcome!! Do you know how old your budgies are? If possible, try to find a male that is about their age, and be sure it is a male, because if by chance you get a female, the males will compete for her affections, and aggression, and fighting can occur. Whoever you chose to get one, ask them if the budgie was DNA testing, and is definitely a male. Sometimes pet shops have older budgies in their inventory, so ask them if they have one about a year old. Again, you need to be sure it is a male.

    An Avian vet can do the DNA test, but they are sometimes expensive. You can get a DNA test online that would not cost so much. You also can explain to the seller you have to verify the budgie is a male, because you are wanting to add a male only to your flock.

    I had four males together in one cage a few years ago, and they had a good time together. It is normal that once in awhile they might spar, but not to upset the flock completely. I ran into trouble when I went to a petshop, and brought one new baby budgie home, thinking it too was a male. About 8 months later, that baby, went into female hormones, the other four got into a fight, over which one was going to be her mate, and soon she laid eggs.
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