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Thread: Conure and Quaker mating?

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    Conure and Quaker mating?

    ok so a bit of backstory for this

    my mum and I at like to keep 3 birds at a time, for socialization reasons, but a few months ago we lost one of our Cockatiels, Honey. We waited a few weeks to see if she would turn up but she was fairly young so we were'nt hopeful she didn't come back, so we mourned our loss, and after a week or so we bought another parrotlet.
    We ended up getting a blue Quaker parrot and took him home to meet our other birds
    at the moment we have our Quaker (youngest) Sheogorath, our Cockatiel (middle) Bonbon, and our Green-Cheek Conure (oldest) Ruffnut.

    Ruffnut has always been quite motherly to the other birds but she very quickly bonded to Sheogorath, who then started picking on Bonbon (Bonny's always been quite anti-social (not hand-raised)). After researching online and asking our local vet some questions, we decided to get seperate cages for all the birds (instead of keeping all 3 in one big cage as we had previously) so that Bonbon could get away and be alone if she wanted to. The birds now each have a medium sized cage that we lock them up in at night/when we're out, but most of the time they have free-roam of the house

    Sheogorath arrived as Ruffnut was reaching her mature age, and he was the first male bird of her size that we've had, so she's been... presenting to him. a lot. Sheogorath is very young, so he hasn't been reciprocating, but the two often snuggle and preen each other and Ruffnut will nuzzle into Sheogorath's feathers and give him kisses.
    We've always thought it was all very cute, but of recently have become concerned as Ruffnut has begun showing signs of being eggbound (more unfriendly, large poops, etc) and I'm just wondering if it's possible for Quakers and Conures to crossbreed so we know whether or not we need to prepare for fertilized eggs? or do mature aged conures lay eggs even without mating?

    sorry, that was a very long convoluted way of asking that question but oh well \_(ツ)_/
    any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Conure and Quaker mating?

    Well, I do not think they would actually breed, however, being a male, he has caused the female to go into hormones, by this behavior she has currently, and she very well could lay eggs. I think you should consider not allowing the two out of cage together at the same time. Because, you do not want to encourage her to be hormonal. Single hens, can get egg bound, and also become chronic egg layers.

    That being said, it is normal that any male species bird being close by a female, whether or not it has its own cage, to get the hen hormonally excited and she will lay eggs. So, in my view, keep them in their own cages, no out of cage time together, and be sure female is eating p!entry of cuttlebone, and fresh leafy greens along with a good seed mix, so that if she does lay eggs, she will be able to push them out, and not get egg bound. If you see the hen setting on the cage floor all puffed up, and looking like she is trying to push out an egg, and cannot do so, rush her to an Avian vet immediately. She can die from egg binding.
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