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Thread: Female budgie aggression towards male budgie

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    Female budgie aggression towards male budgie

    My family has two budgies named Goodness and Mercy. Mercy is a young rescued female who we think is around 4 months old. Goodness is a young male who we think is just under a year. We got Mercy (the female) first (maybe a month ago now) and added in Goodness (the male) two weeks later. Here's the problem:

    Our female bird Mercy always has liked to, as some toddlers do, copy what's Goodness (our male bird) does. At first this was sweet, but now I think her behaviour has gotten stressful for him. She bites his toes, to the point where she goes out of her way to bite them. Often she misses, but sometimes this ends with him sqwauking. She does this when he's trying to eat food, playing with toys, or just plain when he's standing there. She tries to peck his face or his head. She'll peck at him when he tries to play with toys (which always ends up with him backing away). He's very timid and gentle compared to her who's more outgoing. She'll chase him around the cage, not in a wild, spurratic way, but she's clearly following him and he's clearly walking in the other direction (away from her). And on top of this she'll once again go out of her way to shoo him away from the food dish, and take his spot on our hands during treat times, even though we always make sure to provide a hand and a treat for each. They have two food bowls and two water bowls in their cage, and their cage is 54 tall x 28x 20. They get frequent flying time outside of their cage. Their cage doors are open at least half the day. I think they have enough space, toys, and food options.

    One moment the pair are regurgitating to each other, sitting side by side, they next our male's squeaking as his toes are bitten and being chased away from his food dish. I don't get them. I just want them to both be happy, but from what I can tell, our female budgie is being unnecessarily aggressive to our male. In the long run I know this could stress him out.

    What should I do? We've been talking about separating them for a week and then reintroducing them? Is this a bad idea? Would this be an effective idea? Tips? Info? Help?

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    Re: Female budgie aggression towards male budgie

    Hi, and welcome. Sometimes one bird is aggressive and controlling of another. Personality does play the part somewhat. I would suggest you get a smaller cage and put her in it for a few weeks. She will not stop this behavior now. Set the cage close to the bigger cage. She is quite young, so being in a separate cage for awhile will give her time to mature. Then, you can have supervised time between them. While you are close by. She is too young for hormones or mating as yet, IF she is the age they told you. Usually, an older bird will try to control a younger one, but two females sure can have this problem, so I am wondering if maybe you might have two females.

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