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Thread: Budgie Travel

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    Budgie Travel

    Hi all,

    This may be a random one, I have searched the web and couldn't really find anything to answer my question.
    I have received news that a family member has passed, which has caused our family that live dotted all over the UK to get together.

    I would be going to Cornwall for a day or too, then on to Suffolk for a week to be with my mum and sister at their house, I would like to take my budgie with me as I think she could help lighten the mood whilst I am at my mums house, also my house mate would be away for part of this week that I intend on going and like I said I don't have any family near to me that can drop in and spend time with her.

    The staying at my mums is the easy bit as I have a room there for when I stay, but whilst I am in Cornwall we would be staying in a Travelodge for a night. It does say on the website that they are domestic pet friendly, and only really mentions Dogs and Cats. Does anyone have any experience of staying in Travelodge with a budgie?

    I was planning on giving them a call, but thought I would check with you guys first to see if you had any experience with it at all.

    Thank you for your wisdom

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    Re: Budgie Travel

    His hot is your weather now? How long of a journey will this be? Are there any cats or dogs in homes you will visit? Is there any friend or other person who could take care of him in their home, while you are gone?

    Traveling from one location to another, to another, in my view, is going to be very stressful for your budgie. And being in different environments, in and out of car, air conditioning, etc., could also cause bacterial or viral illness. If possible, if it were me, I would try to find someone who is trusting, to take care of him while you are gone.

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    Re: Budgie Travel

    It is best to try to find someone who can watch him for you. If not possible I do have a few friends who would take there bird in long drives all the time. One girl drive 9 hours to visit her mom on all the holidays and her bird didn't mind the trip at all. Call the travel lodge to make sure you can take a bird just to make sure.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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