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Thread: Budgie seems to be scared of me but also scared when I am not around

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    Budgie seems to be scared of me but also scared when I am not around

    I recently got a new budgie, I've had her for less than a week. She was scared in the beginning and wouldn't eat, drink or move. She has warmed up to me and I have managed to train her so that she will hop on and off my finger, eat from my hand, and let me take her out of the cage.
    However, yesterday, she started to get nervous about coming out of the cage. I had read somewhere that the best course of action is to coax them gently out and she eventually came out and seemed calm. I put her down on a towel to explore it but eventually, I needed to leave for a class, but she would not move at all, even if I touched her. As I really needed to leave soon and no one was home to watch her, I decided to very gently pick her up. I got her in my hand fine, but then she seemed to freak out, flew into a window and started chirping loudly; she is normally silent. I eventually got her to calm down, hop on my finger and go back in the cage.
    Now she seems scared if I put my hand in the cage and often refuses to leave, but she will still hop on if I ask her to. I have also heard from other family members that she gets very stressed if I am away, hopping on the bottom of the cage, flapping her wings, making loud noises, and refusing to eat or drink.
    Is she scared of me or is she just shocked from her last experience? Also, should I try to get her used to being held or should I avoid it?

    Update: Today, when I came home during a break from class, she was calm but then started scrabbling like she wanted to come out. I opened the cage door and she came out on her own for the first time and flew immediately between our windows but this time she was not stressed when I approached her and took her back to her cage.
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