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Thread: Adopting a new conure!

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    Adopting a new conure!

    hey guys,

    so as some of you may know, i do have a cockatiel, but recently i saw a post on my nextdoor (neighborhood connections) app for a Golden Conure . i've been pondering getting Mozart a potential friend so in seeing this, i asked why they were getting rid of their bird. beforehand, i noticed the bird had missing feathers on it's belly... which instantly made me concerned. the woman then told me after having the bird for a week, she was sick of having to give it attention. the previous owner neglected to give the poor bird attention, so out of bordeom and loneliness the bird has been plucking its feathers out. i made the decision to adopt the conure tonight: I feel like i'll be able to pay enough attention to him and he'll be much happier here. i'll be picking him up thursday evening.

    do you guys have any tips for potetionally making sure mozart & mango (i think thats what im going to name him) get along? the last thing i'd want to see is for them two to really hate each other. i know im going to seperate them the best of my ability for a month to quarentine mango in case hes sick. after, i think im going ot put their cages about 5-7 ft apart and ill move them closer from there. i'm never going to put them in the same cage.

    also, tips on the plucking situation? would i have to bring mango to a vet asap or will just more attention & love do the trick? i'm not sure if hes still plucking.

    thank you so much!

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    Re: Adopting a new conure!

    You are great to adopt this bird and give him a new home with people who will love him. He will also have another bird to talk too which hopefully will keep him from plucking. My daughter has a green cheek conure who barbed his wing feathers for just over a month. It was awful to watch him destroy them. He couldn't fly because of it. We took Tikki to the vets and they kept him for tests and also so they could give him a medicated bath. I don't know what was in the bath but it stopped Tikki from barbing his feathers. Years ago Boomer plucked his chest feathers and the bath helped him as well. Hopefully a avian vet in your area has medicated baths. Our vet highly recommends giving your bird a pea sized piece of organic red palm oil as well. This helps there skin and there feathers. Tikki loves it and we use it for our food as well because its great for us too.

    I think both of your birds are going to like have a buddy bird to talk too. They might even get along so they can have out of the cage time together. Tikki is such a happy very talkative bird who charms us with his sweet talking. I have never seen a Golden Conure but they look beautiful. I hope you post pictures here for us when you get it.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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