Hi, I have a male cockatiel. I was told by the store that he is 12 weeks however I've recently been told by others he is at least a year old with how yellow his face is.

We've had him for almost a month now and have seemed to make no progress with taming him. We are being very gentle and quiet around him and trying to get him used to our hand being in the cage (changing food and sometimes just putting our hand in there with a treat to show it is safe). If we get too close he will not bite but he will occasionally hiss. He will always back away and start flapping about the cage. I have tried putting millet through the cage but he seems to be flying away from that too. I'm considering getting him a little play area outside of his cage and letting him out and hoping he eventually realises I'm not going to hurt him.

However the main point of this post: I'm just wondering if it's even possible to do this. I'd really like to have him tame and eventually teach him to step up but he just seems so afraid of everything. Any tips I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.