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Thread: Removing bats from home

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    Removing bats from home

    I am fed up with bats. Are there any methods to prevent their direct entry into the house?
    I live in Markham. I have been living in this house for the past few years. There are lots of bats in the attic of my house. I don’t know when did they access the house. I noticed them last month. At first, I didn’t care much about it but then, I took advantage of them because they ate most of the flying insects that are attracted to the light in the house. Later, their number increased and started to become a nuisance to the family. I have known that bats can squeeze through very little holes. So I closed all the possible holes that they can access through. But they still managed to enter the house. I can’t do anything more. I amlooking for wildlife control services in Markham. Do you think it’s good? I am afraid that bats can be dangerous too. They defecate a large amount of guanos ie, the bat feces. People say that it’s toxic. I don’t know how harmful it can be. Does it cause any infections?
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    Re: Removing bats from home

    Hi, and welcome. Yes, from what I learned years ago, bats have rabies, which can kill humans. I do think your idea to contact the wild life control is a great decision. I once had a couple that somehow got into the inside of my home furnace. I had animal control come out and get them out, but have no idea how they got them. I think as to reproducing, they are like rabbits, and have lots of babies.

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    Re: Removing bats from home

    Usually bats have 1-2 babies for year so reproducion isn't big issue here but if your attic is good place more and more bats from around can move in and they make colony.
    Bat's guano and disease are may be dangerous, as a healthy animal bats usually dont attack people.

    Better dont try to remove them by your own...If they are sick they may attack or they may have babies and if you will get rid of the parents, babies will die and I believe they will be hard to find.
    Animal Control is the best decision since they can tell if its protected specie of bats and (i hope) they can remove them safety.

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