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Thread: Can anyone tell me the sex of this bird?

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    Can anyone tell me the sex of this bird?

    Hi, I'm new here, but have had parakeets throughout my life. Recently we aquired 2 birds from a friend of ours. They told us the pet store had told them one was male, one was female. The female laid several clutches of eggs that were all infertile. I took the birds to another store and they told me we had two females. I added a male. Now I'm wondering if the second store had it incorrect. This bird is very aggressive, and squacks a lot. Can anyone tell me if it's a male? I'm thinking about adding another female to the mix but want to make sure it's a male. I'm hoping balancing out the numbers to an even number will help with this one's aggression. Thanks!

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    Re: Can anyone tell me the sex of this bird?

    Hi, and welcome! If these budgies are under 9-12 months of age, it is very difficult to decern the sex. You could get DNA sex kits on line, which are much cheaper in price, and do a test. They send you a kit, you pull a few feathers on each bird, and send the kits back. Then they will send you back the result.

    If it were me, I would be sure what the sexes are. Females often do not get along well together, especially when either or both are setting on eggs. Ideally, I would get the DNA test. Then I would out a male and female in their own cage. And if I had two males, I would cage them together, but females without a mate, I would put in separate / their own individual cage.

    A hen that lays eggs, whether mated, when the eggs can be fertile, or a single hen, who has no mate but lays eggs anyway, must always be allowed to keep her eggs, because if they are thrown away, before 30-35 days, the hen will almost immediately lay more to replace them! When I speak of budgies, I consider them to be parakeets as well.
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