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Thread: taming 2 new budgies

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    taming 2 new budgies

    yesterday i bought 2 young budgies. They are around 3-4 months old. Will it be more difficult trying to tame 2? They are both sitting together on one side of the cage and i put some millet spray next to them.
    Bambi started eating it straight away and Thumper eventually did after awhile.

    Its be awhile since ive had a budgie. The last one me and my family owned died when i was 10 (im now 27). when can i start putting my hand inside the cage near then so they get used to it.

    ive been talking to them and ive been saying their names. This may sound crazy but i think Bambi might know his name already. He was having a go at Thumper who wanted to eat some of the millet. I just said 'Bambi please leave Thumper alone' and he turned and looked at me and let Thumper eat

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    Re: taming 2 new budgies

    In my eyes, you are rather looking at a process. It's a process you can start almost immediately, but I shouldn't focus on putting a hand inside the cage. My philosophy has always been: engage the birds in having fun, trigger their curiosity, and don't scare them. And the first things I try to communicate to my birds: look, I give you food and water and it's fun to be around me. I know there's also the idea "I give you something to eat when you do something" but I've never done that.

    So the first days, I let them settle in. I was around most of the time. And I started with giving them their amount of water/food at fixed moments. It's a room that's safe for birds, so I had the cage opened from day 4 or something like that. But it's important that they find their safe sleeping place before you give them too much freedom. Now they are 2 years old, and they still sleep on the same perch from day 1.

    For making them familiar with my hands, I didn't do it the way you are talking about (putting my hands in the cage). I noticed they like climbing, so we started playing with some strings and pieces of wood. I'm not saying this is the better approach, but it's just what I choose to do with them. But most important thing is that they KNOW their basic needs are fulfilled before you can expect them to become your friend/tamed.

    Basic needs:
    (1) food, water, warmth, good health
    (2) safety, security

    It's great that you have the feeling they already listen to you. Communication is very important to start the next process ((3) socializing - taming). But don't forget that communication with birds is hard. And it's not only the birds who will need to learn to understand what you want, you also will have to learn to understand what your birds tell you. And that's why it's harder to tame 2 birds. Because they already feel safe/secure with each other, and they can much easier communicate with each other, they won't immediately feel the need to socialize with you. That's why it's a process, which can take some time.

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    Re: taming 2 new budgies

    Hi, and welcome! Jo gave you excellent advice. Follow her suggestions! I need not add one thing right now! Good luck!

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