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Thread: Cockatiel suffuring from wings dammage and feather color turnes brown.

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    Re: Cockatiel suffuring from wings dammage and feather color turnes brown.

    You have a very intelligent vet! That is valuable information to share with us, especially anyone who has adopted a bird from a rescue or other agency, or one that was with other birds. I had not read or heard of this diagnosis before.

    I agree she needs to be able to nest. There are two ways you could use to prevent the eggs hatching without taking them from her, once she lays them. You can replace the real eggs with dummy eggs, or, boil the real eggs and give them back to her. Quite honestly, with her psychological problem, I have concern with doing these two choices either.

    I think the best approach is to allow her the normal nesting option, but see if you can keep the male in his own cage next to her. That way, when she lays eggs they will not be viable or fertile.

    I would provide her with plenty of cuttlebone, fresh green veggies, especially kale, which is rich in calcium, and you also can crush boiled chicken egg shells and mix them with her seed.

    Allow her to have any eggs she lays in a clutch in her nest, for about 28-30 days. If she abandons them before then, you would remove all the eggs and the nest box, for at least 30 days. She does not need a box to nest. Put any eggs she lays on the corner of cage bottom on a paper towel. If, after removing the box, she again starts plucking feathers, return box to her.

    Again, allow her to have those eggs for the same number of days or until she no longer pays attention to them. She will most likely continue to lay eggs, but, that may decrease somewhat if the male is not in her cage.

    Chronic egg laying is very difficult to stop, if at all. Provide her with at least 12 hours of sleep at night. Do not feed egg food, nor eggs of any kind. Also, feed no soft foods or soft cooked foods of any kind.

    Provide liquid vitamins by putting a few drops in her seed mix, about once every 10 days, to keep her calcium levels up, because egg laying is very stressful for hens. I also would not feed pellets but just a good seed mix with the fresh veggies and fresh apples and other fruits. The pellet recommendation is mine alone. It is your decision whether to feed them.

    I have homed cockatiels for several years, and have also dealt with a chronic egg layer. I think sometimes we just take it for granted birds like toys and have to play with them. I do not think that is true. Some birds are perfectly happy perching, and preening, Hens are very docile, and do not take to toys like males do. And I have found for both sexes, a favorite toy or two is all they need, for those who will play for them.

    Hens always have egg laying on their mind. They have different rituals they like to do. My hen used to line up dry cereal pieces on the cage bottom, in a straight line, a day or two before she laid an egg. So, that was the red flag for me, knowing more eggs were on the way!!

    I hope this info will be of help to you.
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    Re: Cockatiel suffuring from wings dammage and feather color turnes brown.

    @maxollie Thank you for your explanatory reply. It's really very useful for me and for others also. I had a talk with my breeder friend. she said it's a necessity to give her nest box due to these conditions of her mental trauma. My friend had rescued many birds from these kinds of places where they were kept for breeding only and after their physical issues, they just left them to die. She said "Many of them had the same issue due to so long period in the cage. She will be okay once she will get her babies with her. So let her sit on eggs and give as much as minerals and nutrition to her."

    We are going to try with fake eggs let's see what happens when she will going to do with that. Hope she will be fine soon.

    I am trying my level best to recover her.
    Thank you so much, Guys.

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