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Thread: Groomy a gumpy conure

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    Groomy a gumpy conure

    I have a 8+ year old conure, named Kirby, who used to belong to my in laws. They were not great birdy parents and as a result Kirby is very bitey. I've become friends as best as I can with him but he still won't let me touch him or pet him.

    This is a problem since Kirby is currently in his summer molt and has several pin feathers on his head which are clearly annoying him. I haven't been able to scratch his head to help him with the pin feathers. Any advice?

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    Re: Groomy a gumpy conure

    Time and patience hopefully will show him he can trust you. In the meantime you can offer him lots of bird bathes and most him if he likes it. Our vet recommends organic red palm oil and my entire families birds love it. My sisters big birds like it on there fresh fruits and veggies and Tikki my daughter's bird eats a pea sized dab off of my daughter's finger. The vet says it softens there feathers and skin from the inside.
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    Re: Groomy a gumpy conure

    This is obviously a late response.

    Be very cautious giving your conure oil of any sort! Although some recommend it for larger birds, it usually is only used as a last resort in extremely dry climates for conures! Instead of oil, keep a bowl of water for bathing available to a conure. This is especially helpful with pinfeathers during molts. Notice that you seldom see pinfeathers (not bloodfeathers) in areas reachable to them.

    Another helpful hint is always putting dried spaghetti sticks in ~3" lengths out for them. Not only are they nutritious for conures, they make great scratching tools.

    There are several reasons a conure may not want your help with pinfeathers. At his age, he may be trying independent behavior. In other words, it may be an ego-thing. Another reason, is it may simply hurt for you to give stitches.

    This is a difficult time for him as well. You should increase his calcium intake by providing scrambled eggs with crumbled shells or provide an additional mineral block (preferably flavored). DO NOT offer conures a cuttlebone!

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    Re: Groomy a gumpy conure

    Wow, I love the idea of spaghetti sticks! That's so cool!

    Sorry, I don't have anything to add to the original post, but I just had to thank Leslie for the spaghetti stick idea.
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    Re: Groomy a gumpy conure

    Thank you, Leslie, for that great post. There is valuable info for everyone. And I also like the idea of spaghetti sticks! I am going to try them!

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