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Thread: No Veggies for Kirby

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    No Veggies for Kirby

    Kirby my 8+ year old Lunar Conure is a very picky eater. This is mostly due to the fact that he was my in law's bird and they fed him exclusively cheap Walmart cockatiel food and table scraps like sandwich meat and snacks. Now he will only eat seeds and nothing else (well, he's also fond of eating fingers).

    It's really frustrating because I bought him some very healthy, vitamin rich (and very expensive), food pellets and species specific conure treats and he won't touch it. I tried mixing his pellets in with some seed and he picked out the seeds and through the rest on the floor of the cage. I tried giving him just pellets and he made it clear he would rather starve than eat it. I tried only feeding him every other day and still nothing. I'm out of ideas.

    I should point out I can get him to take ceral and bread from me no problem. But I give him fresh fruit and he won't touch it. Give him leafy greens and he'll shred them but not eat them. I show him its not poison by eating it aswell and he tries to bite my nose. -.-"

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    Re: No Veggies for Kirby

    Welcome to the forum. Its so frustrating when they won't eat the good for them food you buy them. I have heard some people soak the pellets in juice and they will eat them sometimes. I use to have to smash up my lovebirds pellets a little bit before he ate them. My daughters Pineapple green cheek conure Tikki refused to eat his TOPS pellets for a week but finally decided to try them and he ate them and he now loves them. You can try mixing a little bit of the pellets in his fruits or other people food he eats. Have you tried to to tempt him by acting like your eating the pellets? This makes Tikki have to fly over to see what we are eating and he usually tries it. Don't give up and keep giving him the pellets but also his other food so he don't go hungry.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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