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Thread: Budgies and Boxes

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    Budgies and Boxes

    So my two 3ish year old budgies Teepo (Male) and Buddy (Female) have been mating from time to time and my wife decided to provide a box full of grass and other nesting materials so they could build a nest and get to laying eggs. This plan seems to have backfired though since the bird pulled all the grass out of the box and through it on the floor and then proceeded to eat the box, which was made of cardboard. -.-"

    So my question is, is it a problem if budgies eat cardboard and if so, what should be done about it?

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    Re: Budgies and Boxes

    I have heard most boxes are safe but I still worried about the glue that holds them together. My daughters conure loves to crawl around in small cardboard boxes playing with his toys. He don't chew the boxes though.
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    Re: Budgies and Boxes

    Hi, and welcome. If you want to breed them, yoiu need to go to a petshop and buy a budgie wooden nest box and put it inside the cage. Cardboard will not work. Neither do happy huts or tents.Budgies do not like grass or nesting material in the bottom of their wooden nest box either. They prefer having no nesting material or grass at all. I bred a pair a few years ago, and they hatched 4 babies with no nesting material or grass at all.

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