Hi all,

Our family member passed away over the weekend (yes the tiel was a family member to us), which of course was a shock and left us heart broken as some on here can attest too. She unfortunately ate some Avocado and by the time we found out she had done, it was too late to save her....
While her death is still raw, we do have another tiel which we need to be thinking of. He is very independent and often showed signs of aggression and distaste for the other tiel (Mimi), but we knew they where secretly friends and her passing is showing that. Often calling out to see if she responds, something they did when in separate rooms.
So the question is do we already start looking for a new friend to join the family or not? We do have the option of getting another one, but he\she will be very young maybe 1 year and he is 12yrs old.
I get so angry when looking at adverts of tiels for sale, people are selling as no longer wanted, kids don't want them etc etc and the tiel we saw is in that category. Owner is going on holiday and no longer wants the bird, beggars belief. Anyway, we have a chance to save this little bird from this owner and give him\her a fresh start. I might add our little Mimi who passed was also a rescue from an unscrupulous breeder, and Tintin other tiel rescue from a pet store, so guess have a little theme going here.

All that said, is it a good idea to get another tiel for him so soon, any thoughts , comments are appreciated. Unfortunately this is a time sensitive matter to get the other tiel, as the owner has said going on holiday next week, bird must be gone or else, and yes that was in her advert....ggrrrrrrrrrr
Its not how I was going to do it, I really wanted to take my time in finding a new friend, but we have moved from the UK to Sweden and our options in tiels are limited. We would have preferred an older bird that needed a forever home, but we will take this little mite to get her away from someone who clearly never wanted him\her. Of course priority is to our existing tiel, so whatever is best for him.

Thanks in advance